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Self-Directed Retirement

America and other developed countries still face a retirement crisis. But you can beat the system if you plan ahead and think of the future. If you want to be financially stable and successful, focus on long-term goals and lean in the right direction. Recognize the value of self-directed retirement planning and consult with an experienced lawyer. 

What is a Self-Directed Retirement Plan?

Self-directed retirement is the best option for investors who want to take full control of their savings, assets, and investments inside a secure account. It’s considered by many as an alternative investment landscape, but it offers several benefits and a more extensive selection of investment options.


Self-directed retirement is in the form of plans. These plans have different asset classes. Aside from traditional investment options like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, self-directed retirement plans may offer real estate properties, mortgage notes, tax lien certificates, private equities, etc. As such, self-directed retirement is arguably the best way to diversify your investment portfolio, increase your assets’ earnings, and secure your future. 


If you don’t want to reduce your investment options to traditional asset classes with high risks and low investment returns, let Todd Jackson Law help you find more rewarding opportunities through self-directed retirement plans


Todd Jackson is one of the best Tennessee investment attorneys out there. He understands that asset management is one of the biggest and highly regulated industries in the United States, so he can take extra good care of your investments as you grow old, retire, and reap your rewards. Specifically, Todd can help you choose, control, and protect your self-directed retirement plans while ensuring that all your investments and business transactions comply with the law. 


As you plan your retirement, remember that no milestone can ever come close to being financially stable. As early as today, let an experienced and dedicated lawyer like Todd Jackson guide you in your journey to success.  

Frequently asked questions about Self-Directed Retirement

Frequently we see clients in need of self-directed retirement legal services. As subject matter experts, we frequently guide clients with the following types of questions. When in doubt, it is a best practice to consult with an experienced lawyer. Have a question about self-directed retirement? Give Todd Jackson Law a call.

Your self-directed retirement plan will determine the type of assets you can invest in, so you need to choose carefully. Here are the three main options available to investors in the US:


Self-Directed Custodial IRA – As the name suggests, this plan requires custodial consent. But consent aside, it offers alternative investment options like precious metals, real estate properties, and mortgage notes. 


Checkbook IRA – allows investors to freely invest their retirement funds in any asset class they want by simply writing a check.


Self-Directed Solo 401(k) Plan – the best option for self-employed professionals and investors with owner-only businesses. It has a high contribution limit, excellent tax shelter, and reasonable checkbook control. 

Self-directed retirement plan may have the word ‘self’ in it, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t need professional help when processing your investment. A lawyer can help you understand the tax implications of your self-directed retirement plan and help you determine which plan works best for you.

As of now, there’s no limit on the number of accounts you can open. Self-Directed Solo 401(k) Plan and other employer plans, however, are limited to one per employee. If you want to establish multiple accounts, you may want to segregate your assets. 

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Things to consider with Self-Directed Retirement

Tennessee Law

Tennessee has its own retirement system regulated by the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS). If you live in Tennessee and want to process your self-directed retirement plan, hire a Tennessee investment attorney and take note of the state’s Divorce Law on Retirement, Securities Act, Prudent Investor Act, and Investment Services Act.


You’ll clearly understand the risk of a self-directed retirement plan if you weigh the pros and cons of the options available to you (Self-Directed Custodial IRA, Checkbook IRA, Self-Directed Solo 401(k) Plan). But regardless of your option, watch out for unsolicited investment offers, risky investment assets, misrepresentations on custodial responsibilities, and tax-deferred accounts exploitation.

Federal Law

Federal laws on retirement protect individuals who want to retire safe and smart. For a successful self-directed retirement plan, make sure to abide by the country’s laws on investment, taxes, immigration, social security, and security income. You might want to check out the country’s Employee Retirement Income Security Act, Social Security Act, Investment Company Act, Investment Advisers Act, and Trade Investment Law.


The cost of your retirement plan depends on your option. Some have lower-cost initial structures, like the Self-Directed Custodial IRA. But for the most part and regardless of your retirement plan, you’ll have to take care of your establishment, professional, and renewal fees.

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