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Business owners encounter a wide range of challenges and opportunities throughout their businesses’ life cycle, so they’re required to transact with other business owners, financial institutions, and government agencies to keep the business up and running. These business transactions, however, can be tedious. So it’s in a business owner’s best interest to team up with a competent business transaction lawyer to expedite the process.

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Business transactions affect your assets, liabilities, and equity. Simple negotiations and processing of permits have financial repercussions; they can either make or break your company’s reputation and finances. For that reason, it’s crucial to keep an eye on each and every action that happens inside and outside the company. It’s the business owners and shareholders’ job to protect the company’s market and financial position. 


These business transactions and documentation are not purely internal, though. Owners and shareholders can handle simple paperwork on their own, but the company needs to get out of its comfort zone sometimes. The company should make transactions with other institutions to comply with the law and ultimately reach greater heights. Hence, it is advisable to hire and retain a business transaction lawyer when doing in-house and third-party transactions. 


As owners and shareholders know the ins and outs of their company, they need an expert who also knows the ins and outs of the business law. And Todd Jackson, one of the leading business lawyers in Tennessee, is the exact definition of that expert.


Todd Jackson Law provides full-service counsel and assistance to private and public business entities in the United States. He’s more than familiar with business laws and transactions in Tennessee and adept at navigating the complexities of federal laws governing companies of various types and sizes. Todd not only has a broad knowledge in different legal disciplines, but he’s also equipped with relevant experiences in financial and business industries.


While you’re doing what is expected of you as a business owner, Todd can solve all your daily operational issues, improve your strategic initiatives, and strengthen your business relations. 

Frequently asked questions about Business Transactions​

Frequently we see clients in need of business transactions legal services. As subject matter experts, we frequently guide clients with the following types of questions. When in doubt, it is a best practice to consult with an experienced lawyer. Have a question about business transactions? Give Todd Jackson Law a call.

Business owners can handle the company’s daily operation issues, but business lawyers should assist them in other interrelated legal and business aspects of the company. It would help if you have a lawyer when establishing corporations, limited liability companies, or partnerships; purchasing, selling, or merging with companies; hiring employees or contractors; entering strategic partnerships or deals (e.g. mergers and acquisitions); acquiring intellectual property assets; and resolving conflicts or lawsuits. 


All these transactions require documentation, so you need a business lawyer with the right experience. Todd Jackson Law, for one, can draft business transaction documents to help you communicate your goals and intentions to people connected with the company. 

Although it is advisable to nip internal conflicts among owners, employees, and shareholders in the bud, some conflicts may lead to state and federal lawsuits if not handled properly. You need a lawyer if you think that the conflict will affect your future business transactions, assets, and reputation. 

Small and medium businesses, unlike huge corporations, usually handle internal business transactions. Still, all business owners should hire their own business lawyers to acquire legal protection. Small and medium businesses, especially startups, need legal assistance in forming business structures, drafting contracts, and applying for patents and trademarks.

" I have known Todd Jackson for several years and since 2011 he has closed numerous deals for my clients. I've also referred him to people who are looking for a great real estate or business attorney. He is very professional, timely and thorough. He always goes above and beyond. I would highly recommend him.. "
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Things to consider with Business Transactions​

Tennessee Law

All your business transactions in Tennessee will be reviewed, approved, and renewed by state authorities and local regulatory bodies, so you’ll need competent business lawyers in Tennessee to comply with local laws. For doing business transactions, understand and navigate Tennessee's laws on antitrust (for fair and competitive business landscape), trade practice, Pyramid or Ponzi schemes (the practice of illegally luring investors and partners), interest rate, tax evasion.


Financial risks should be your main concern when doing business transactions, especially if you own a commercial business. Owners, shareholders, investors, and stakeholders may lose money over failed business transactions. That’s why a business lawyer should evaluate every step you make before sealing deals.

Federal Law

Your business and commercial transactions are also governed by federal laws. You need to make sure that your day-to-day and company-wide business transactions with employees, shareholders, partners, and investors don’t violate federal laws on employment, licenses, taxes, advertising and marketing, privacy, health care, and intellectual property.


You need to consider your internal and external business transaction costs. Internally, you’ll handle transaction costs for acquiring human resources, licenses and permits, and legal protection. Externally, you’ll mostly handle transaction costs for production, third-party services, and rent or mortgage.

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