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What to expect when legally forming your business

Establishing a business, whether big or small, demands countless tasks and responsibilities. Business owners are expected to come up with practical decisions and swift actions, especially on the creation of the business’ structure. Taking that into account, business formation is one legal area businessmen should focus on to smoothly establish the major pillars of the business. And they need the right business formation lawyer to provide specialized assistance.

Starting your business the right way

Before you officially register your business, you need to choose the right business form first. The right form will secure your financial goals and lay down the details of your personal liabilities, business transactions, business taxation, and record-keeping requirements. 


Business formation is detail-sensitive. One wrong move or one overlooked information can ruin your business’ foundation and inflict major structural damage within your company. That’s why you need the right business formation lawyer to guide you every step of the way. And you can find it right here. 


Whether you need assistance on choosing the right business form for your company, or would like to drive your new sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company in the right direction, Todd Jackson Law can lend a helping hand. 


Todd excels in providing personalized legal solutions for businesses of any type and size. He can nail down the structure of your business using a foolproof legal foundation prior to launch. While you’re fulfilling your business idea and acquiring business opportunities, Todd can maximize your business’ strengths and eliminate all threats to kickstart your company’s lifecycle.


Coming up with the right business formation, however, goes beyond formation advice. So, Todd, backed by his business and commercial practice, can also cover all the legal bases of your company throughout your whole startup journey to achieve your business objectives. Todd can fulfill all the necessary business formation actions—including drafting partnership agreements, filing state registration documents, acquiring licenses and permits from local, state, and the federal government, and getting Employer Identification Numbers (EIN). 


The process of setting up a business is lengthy and thorough. But underdoing this long process can lead to long-term success, especially if you have Todd Jackson Law by your side. It all starts with the right lawyer and business form. 

Frequently asked questions about Forming a Business

Frequently we see clients in need of business formation legal services. As subject matter experts, we frequently guide clients with the following types of questions. When in doubt, it is a best practice to consult with an experienced lawyer. Have a question about business formation? Give Todd Jackson Law a call.

The main types of business formations are the following:


  • Sole proprietorship – only one individual owns and operates the company. The owner handles all the financial obligations of the business.


  • Partnership – two or more individuals handle the business. All partners share the profits or losses of the company.


  • Corporation – a single, legal entity handled by a group of people or companies. The shareholders own the corporation, but it still functions as a separate entity. As a complex business form, a corporation has more regulations and tax requirements.


  • Limited liability companies (LLCs) – a relatively new business formation that have all the benefits of corporations and partnerships, including flexible organization structures and tax efficiencies. 

Since there are various types of business formation, each form has its own set of legal requirements that coincide with common laws and local laws. But regardless of the type of business, the business owner is required to gather the necessary licenses and certificates to operate in a particular area. The business should comply with established laws dedicated to zoning, tax, license, employee rights, environmental protection, intellectual property rights, environmental protection, and safety rules.

Choosing a particular business format is one of the earliest and most important steps in establishing a business, so some of the major problems in a company’s lifecycle may emerge on this step. Problems on tax implications, record-keeping costs, and ownership structure may occur, but the right business lawyer can avoid all that and more.

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Things to consider with Business Formation

Tennessee Law

Tennessee is one of the best places to start a business. The state has one of the lowest tax burdens and highest average sales tax rates in the country. With advice from business lawyers in Tennessee, you can seamlessly follow Tennessee's application processes and enjoy its promising business environment while complying with the state’s business laws. For businessmen establishing partnerships and sole proprietorships, The state of Tennessee doesn’t require the filing of any organizational documents with the state. Partners, however, are encouraged to come up with written agreements to avoid future disputes. For businessmen establishing corporations and LLCs, The state of Tennessee requires the filing of Articles of Organization and Articles of Incorporation, as well as the appointment of a registered agent to receive service of process. Aside from the specific requirements mentioned, all businesses are also required to acquire local licenses and permits.


Businessmen and entrepreneurs can establish businesses and achieve their financial goals with the right business formation lawyer. But starting a business from the ground up is still risky, no matter how foolproof the foundation is. Sole proprietorships and partnerships are less complicated business formations, but the company’s debts, losses, and legal liabilities will solely be handled by the owner. Corporations and LLCs, meanwhile, are more complicated and challenging to maintain, but both protect assets from debts and lawsuits.

Federal Law

State laws are more specific and complex, so it’s not the job of the federal government to monitor all types of business entities in its early stages. However, some companies, especially the bigger ones, are required to follow federal-level laws and requirements. These may include federal tax responsibilities, posting requirements, labor laws, and industry-specific regulations.


Starting a business isn’t easy, and it’s definitely not cheap. Aside from the upfront capital needed to establish the company, the business owner should also think about other fees for insurance, taxes, and professional consultants. The right business formation lawyer can estimate the startup expenses of establishing a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporations, or LLC.

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