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Wake Forest University

Masters of Business Administration

Juris Doctor

Todd Jackson, MBA & Esq.

Clients will tell you he’s a skilled attorney and they appreciate his knowledge and resources. More importantly, they’ll tell you he helped them achieve their personal and business goals. Many families and business owners have put their financial futures in his capable hands.

Todd Jackson has called Nashville home for 20 years and has practiced law for 23. He specializes in business and real estate law. His expertise in these areas gives him the unique advantage to help his clients navigate through any transaction involving business or real estate with the best possible results. In today’s environment, those areas intersect in most transactions.  Most importantly he has helped thousands of business owners and investors achieve financial security and peace of mind.

Todd Jackson received his Law degree and his MBA from Wake Forest University. He continues to stay up to date on the constantly changing regulations regarding business law and real estate. Clients depend on Todd to navigate these issues and the impact that they have on personal and business finances.

He’ll provide step-by-step instructions so you will know exactly what to expect. Todd excels at taking the complex legal remedies available to you and forming a personalized solution that fits your specific issues.

He’s a fierce advocate for his clients, providing a personal hands-on approach. He fights for his clients’ success every day, but you’ll find him easy to talk to and you will appreciate his ability to handle your information with sensitivity and compassion.

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