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Business Law - Maintaining Compliance and Avoiding Trouble

Law and business are always intertwined. It’s important for business owners and entrepreneurs to have a basic understanding of business law to help them make better actions and decisions. With the help of an experienced business lawyer, these business laws can be used to protect your rights, establish your standards, maintain business orders, and resolve internal and external disputes.

Consider local, state, and federal law for your business

The functions and purposes of business laws are different for each business formation, owner, and service. Nevertheless, you’ll have to understand and comply with all of them to operate freely and avoid future conflicts, especially if you’re just getting started. New businesses should follow laws affecting their industries during launch and when executing initial operations, while existing businesses must follow laws affecting their business transactions with the public, the government, and other business firms.


Some of the largest legal areas that affect businesses in the United States include local, state, and federal laws on contracts, ethics, intellectual property rights, corporate equities, taxes, competition, employment, environment, property, negotiable instruments, and computer technology. None of these laws are static since future and existing socio-economic factors can trigger change. Your basic understanding of business laws can only go so far, so hiring and retaining a lawyer for your business is non-negotiable. 


You need a lawyer to choose the right business formation, officially launch your business, draft contracts and other documents, develop a hiring process, and protect your intellectual property. Beyond these basic roles, a lawyer should also use these laws to your advantage. With that, it’s best to hire a lawyer with industry experience and flexible solutions. 


Todd Jackson, one of the leading business lawyers in Tennessee, is your best option. Todd has been in the industry for decades now and has legally assisted various types of businesses in the United States. He can provide vital assistance to every legal aspect of your business. But more than that, he can also navigate the ever-changing federal and state laws in the US and use them to your advantage. Todd Jackson Law can smooth out the legal bumps on your business’ road to success to help you reach your business objectives and long-term goals. 

Frequently asked questions about Business Law

Frequently we see clients in need of business law legal services. As subject matter experts, we frequently guide clients with the following types of questions. When in doubt, it is a best practice to consult with an experienced lawyer. Have a question about business law? Give Todd Jackson Law a call.

To achieve a successful business launch, minimize legal challenges that can lead to future disputes. Spend some time researching and avoiding legal issues concerning business formations, names, licenses, zoning, and non-disclosure agreements. Make sure to have your business lawyer by your side when you draft your business plans and strategies.

Even if your business is up and running, you still need to watch out for legal disputes within and outside the company. Here are some of the most common legal challenges businesses face in America: tax litigation, discrimination cases, and copyright or patent issues. To minimize and address these challenges in the future, it’s best to retain your company’s first lawyer. 

As a business owner, you can enjoy and utilize your rights as long as you comply with state and federal laws. In the United States, you have the right to make decisions for your business processes, refuse service under various circumstances, create and execute new and existing business strategies, and enjoy no-limit capital investment. 

" I have known Todd Jackson for several years and since 2011 he has closed numerous deals for my clients. I've also referred him to people who are looking for a great real estate or business attorney. He is very professional, timely and thorough. He always goes above and beyond. I would highly recommend him.. "
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Things to consider with Business Law

Tennessee Law

Business laws in Tennessee are considered as state laws. They’re more specific than federal laws, so you need a business lawyer in Tennessee to handle your legal requirements and issues if the company is located there. Laws in Tennessee are generally intended to promote competition, especially laws on antitrust, deceptive trade practice, civil statute of limitations, tax frauds, and Ponzi Schemes.


Legal risk is every business’ common enemy. Every business can suffer a financial or reputational loss due to the owner's misunderstanding or lack of knowledge of business laws. Ignorance of the law excuses no one. To minimize, avoid, and understand this risk, hire and retain an experienced lawyer in your state.

Federal Law

There are federal laws for just about any kind of business industry and transaction. To know what kind of regulatory information you need, understand basic federal laws for business entities and those that cover tax codes, employment and labor, antitrust, marketing and advertising, environmental regulation, and privacy.


To understand and comply with business laws, you’ll need to shell out legal and professional fees. You’ll need to hire accountants, lawyers, and other independent contractors. It’s best to hire professionals who know a thing or two about the nature of your business.

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