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Real Estate Development

Real estate development is a promising yet risky business opportunity. Large-scale business ventures like this require a deep understanding of taxes, interest rates, opportunity costs, and urban planning. But the process of acquiring properties doesn’t just end there. There will be legal matters and requirements along the way, and you’ll need a real estate development lawyer to protect your money and property.

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The goal of real estate development is to grow money and generate assets. It requires patience and understanding—qualities that only successful investors possess. The development process more or less includes scouting undeveloped lands or properties, renovating existing properties, managing and negotiating deals, funding projects, and obtaining permits and licenses. Each task is daunting and draining, so there is no way you can do this alone. You need advice and assistance from experts. You need to build a team.


For starters, you’ll need to consult with architects, engineers, interior designers, accountants, brokers, and investment analysts before you move forward with the project. They’ll help you find the best project location, type of property, and cost-effective strategies in the pre-development process. But when your decision is final, and you want to develop a property, you’ll need an open mind and a competent lawyer by your side to understand the risks and avoid financial loss. 


A real estate development lawyer can guide you through the pre-development, operation, and completion stages of your project, so you need the best one on your team. You need Todd Jackson Law by your side. 


Todd Jackson caters to real estate developers in Tennessee and other parts of the country. Backed by his decades of practice and experience, Todd can seamlessly navigate any state’s real estate law while simultaneously complying with federal laws. He has worked with multiple real estate investors and developers in the past. So, when you need him, he can provide timely, creative, and flexible solutions that can drive your real estate development projects and transactions forward. 

Frequently asked questions about Real Estate Development

Frequently we see clients in need of real estate development legal services. As subject matter experts, we frequently guide clients with the following types of questions. When in doubt, it is a best practice to consult with an experienced lawyer. Have a question about real estate development? Give Todd Jackson Law a call.

Real estate is the actual property, may it be developed or underdeveloped. To develop or redevelop one, you need to know what type of property you should buy based on your budget, project idea, and financial goals. Here are the four main types of real estate properties:


Land – the underdeveloped baseline of all developed real estate properties. Some examples of land properties are ranches, farms, and vacant lots.


Residential  – developed properties that house families, individuals, or groups of people. These are available areas for people to live on, so residential real estate is the most common asset class in real estate development. Some examples of residential properties are condominiums, apartments, dormitories, townhouses, and vacation homes. 


Commercial – developed properties where businesses can carry out their operations. They can be buildings or spaces for lease, such as hospitals, parking lots, shopping malls, office buildings, and hotels.


Industrial – developed or underdeveloped properties used by industrial businesses to carry out their large-scale operations like manufacturing, construction, and storage. Warehouses and factories are common examples of industrial properties. 

In the pre-development stage, a real estate development lawyer like Todd Jackson is responsible for assisting developers in purchasing and acquiring real estate properties. The lawyer will prepare documents and policies, complete title searches, and manage the transfer of funds. In the development and completion stages, the lawyer will oversee all real estate transactions for construction, leasing, marketing, and financing.

Legal disputes and challenges commonly occur between buyers and sellers. Real estate development lawyers may provide representation for buyers and sellers when a dispute ends up in a courtroom. Some legal disputes you may face as a developer are breach of contract, zoning issues, and break in the chain of title.  

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Things to consider with Real Estate Development

Tennessee Law

If you’re selling, purchasing, or developing a property in Tennessee, you need to comply with the state’s real estate laws on property management, homestead, lease and rental agreement, and adverse possession. These laws not only affect real estate developers in Tennessee, but also agents, renters, homeowners, and landlords. For the most part of your real estate venture, you’ll interact and transact with the Tennessee Real Estate Commission.


Real estate development is an ambitious investment, so the risks are just around the corner. As a developer, you might want to minimize or avoid market, liquidity, asset-level, leverage, credit, and environmental risks.

Federal Law

Since location is the main factor affecting real estate properties, the majority of laws and regulations governing real estate development are managed by the state. However, there are federal laws that mostly govern rental developments such as the Lead-Based Paint Notice Law, Civil Rights Act of 1968 (for fair housing), Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, Real Estate Settlements Procedures Act, and Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act.


If you want to estimate and minimize the cost of your property investments, real estate finance is another area you need to understand before you push through with your property development. Lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, and financial analysts can help breakdown the cost of real estate development to you. The total cost is based on the development’s acquisition costs, soft costs (professional fees), hard costs (construction and development), and type of property (land, residential, commercial, and industrial.

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